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If you have visited Outskirts then it would be great to hear from you and how you enjoyed your time with us.

Name: Sally Payne
Date: Fri 01 Sep 2006
Subject: Welcome

Just a test message to welcome our new guest book :)

Hugs, Sally :)

Name: Sally Withers
Date: Thu 14 Sep 2006
Subject: Just saying hallo!

I left Birmingham back in 1969, and it brings back memories just looking at the location map. But, even that's changed from how I knew it. Mica has said (on the Angels forum) that I should come back - and I think she's right. Just for a visit, though!

Big hugs from a Brummie girl now in Hampshire!

Sally Withers XXX

Name: Rico Paris
Date: Wed 04 Oct 2006
Subject: Comments on website

Hi Folks,

Had a look at the new website today and just wanted to say what a good job you have done.

We shall continue to make clients who contact Gender-Matters (Formally Trans-Shropshire) from your area aware of your services and direct them to your website.

Best wishes - Rico

Name: gemma
Date: Thu 12 Oct 2006
Subject: hiyas

great website keep up for good work girls !!!!!!!! (( Hugs xxxx ))

Name: lana
Date: Fri 13 Oct 2006
Subject: very inspired




hiya until recently i didn't have a computer or internet access, i'm now realising just how many people enjoy what i love, which is dressing and acting like a girl. i used to think it was just little me but after seeing various sites on the net i have been very inspired. i love your site and think what you do is amazing. I am very much considering coming along even though i havn't been out dressed in public before, its something i am constantly thinking about doing.
hope you are all well

Lana x

Name: petrova goldsbury
Date: Thu 07 Dec 2006
Subject: hi

hi, luv site. i will come and visit you soon

Name: Sarah
Date: Tue 26 Dec 2006
Subject: Well done Girls!

Hi Girls,

I agree with Lana's message above, your site is wonderful. My intention was to attend a meeting at the St. Michael's group in Powke Lane, Rowley Regis (local to me, I'm in Stourbridge) however they ended before I plucked up the courage. In hindsight, it would never have happened; my closet is large and I have no idea where the exit is. I admire each and everyone one of you, you're an inspiration.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Sarah x

Name: Trish Diamond
Date: Fri 29 Dec 2006
Subject: Christmas Party

Wow!! What a fab party I missed out on - my brother Phil said it was a groovy turn out and that he enjoyed playing the tunes, can't wait to see the photos. Hope to see you in the new year at our first meeting in January!!

Love you loads!!!

Trish XXX

Name: Paula
Date: Sun 11 Feb 2007
Subject: Visit of Gloscats


Just to say what a lovely evening Cindy, Billie and I had on 5th February,
well done to all of you and thank you for making us so welcome.

We were sad to leave, especially as we were invited to join you at
Glamorous, perhaps another time?

We in Gloucs are busy planning the launch of  "our" new venue and there
shall be an open invitation to you all !!!

xxxxxx Paula

Name: Jenny Ford
Date: Tue 7th Aug 2007
Subject: Outskirts first visit

Hi Sally,

Chloe and I had a great evening on Monday, I've written a post about my experience in my blog.
You're welcome to link to it from the OutSkirts site if you think it will be helpful for anyone else visiting the site. 

Pass on my thanks to Larna and I hope to see you soon.

Jenny x

Name: Chloe
Date: Thur 9th Aug 2007
Subject: Outskirts first visit

Hi Sally,
As Jenny said we had a fantastic evening on Monday...............I felt as if I was walking on air all evening (even in 5" heels LOL)
As you can imagine, as it was my first evening out, I was quite nervous.
Those nerves evaporated almost immediately because of the wonderfully warm and friendly welcome we both received.
I don't think I could have wished to have met a more wonderful group of girls.
Could you also pass on my warmest thanks to Larna and tell all those others I didnt get to chat to that I look forward to getting to know them as time goes on.
Take care and I look forward to seeing you soon.
Chloe xxxx

Name: Sally Payne
Date: 11th Aug 2007
Subject: Your first visit to Outskirts

Thanks girls for such lovely emails, I'm so pleased that you had such a great time. Well done Chloe for taking that first step - cloud 9 doesn't quite do it justice does it - did you manage to sleep that night!!!

Name: Chloe
Date: 13th Aug 2007
Subject: Re: Your first visit to Outskirts

Hi Sally,
You are find the words to describe the feelings and emotions that I felt last Monday night would be almost impossible.
The time spent at the Loft Lounge was especially enjoyable. To be with such a group of gorgeous girls and be so 'out in the open' felt exhilarating.
As you can imaging sleep took a long time to come...................I had so many things to think about and reflect upon..............and my mind was racing ahead to the things that may open up for me.
I have taken the time to look at some of the photo's on your flickr page and they highlight and reinforce that belief.
Now that I have been 'out' once I am suffering from that afflictions that all t-girls suffer from at this stage....................I WANT TO GO OUT AGAIN !!
Love and hugs,
Chloe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Name: June Connors
Date: 11th Aug 2007
Subject: Birmingham Visit

Hi everyone,

I'm June, I come from Tipperary (it's a long way to// as in the song ) in Ireland and I'm a life long crossdresser. Like so many of us, the Internet opened up a whole new world for me. As I am a fashion addict, I love to see girls turned out in beautiful clothes and looking ladylike and feminine.

One such site that I happened to stumble on was, “Angle Flicker”. Fed up with sites that presented crossdressers in a less than tasteful way, it was a joy to browse the many pictures of feminine beauty that this wonderful site contained. One such photo belonged to a Sally Payne. Looking at this photo presently led me to the “Outskirts” web site and subsequently onto the single most beautiful collection of girls, that I have ever seen.

I resolved there and then that sooner rather than later, I would travel to Birmingham and see for myself those gorgeous beauties, So thanks to the much maligned Ryan Air, I was able to make my way to Birmingham on a one cent / one penny fare and I booked my accommodation in the Ibis Hotel which Sally informed me by email was, “special girl” friendly.

Nice to be able to say that my experiences in Birmingham were totally positive. No sooner had I emerged from New Street station, feeling and looking lost, when a retired gentleman who noticed me, came to my assistance and directed me to the Ibis hotel. Although I had other business to do in town, my priority was to get to the Victoria bar for the Outskirts meeting. I had intended to go to the Victoria and change and do my make up there. So I packed my gear and off I set. A girl having a smoke outside the door told me that the meeting was not upstairs tonight, but in the lounge area. Feeling a little dispondant, I turned around and headed back to my hotel room.. At this stage my intention was to forget the whole mission and have an early night.

Feeling like a proper failure, I threw my carrier bag down on the bed. Where was my courage now when I needed it more than ever? Then I told myself that this was hardly the reason for my coming to Birmingham, to stay in my hotel room all alone. So I resolved there and then that I was going through with it, whatever happened I was going to be in the Victoria tonight. So down I sat, did my make up, dressed, grabbed my handbag and headed for the lift. (It wasn't as simple as that). Nothing was going to stop me now. The hotel reception was empty as I stepped out onto Ladywell Walk. With each step my confidence increased. No one paid the slightest attention to me as I walked the short journey to John Bright street. When I stepped into the lounge of the Victoria, I felt such a sense of achievement and homecomming.

On your website, you describe your group as being friendly and welcoming and that is certainly true. I was approached immediately on entering by a lovely girl who welcomed me warmly. Then the lovely Larna came over to me and invited me to her table. Sorry for not taking up the offer but shyness is a problem for me while either femme or male. And compliments too to the bar staff, so warm and friendly.

I walked with the girls back down the street. They were going on to enjoy more of the night while I, happy with what I had accomplished, headed back for my hotel. Larna took a photo of me outside the Hippodrome and wishing each other well we parted company. As I walked the last few steps to the Ibis, a young girl approached me selling the magazine, Big Issue. “Excuse me ma'am !!!!!!!You're not---------”. “No”, I interrupted her in a joking manner, “Don't tell me about 'big issues', ----------- can't you see that I have plenty of big issues myself”, Out of politeness, I bought the magazine and it was worth it just to hear her say,-- “Thank you love”

A huge “thank you” to all the girls and a massive “thank you” to Larna. And who knows, I might be back sooner than you think.

Love and best wishes -- June

Name: June Collins
Date: 17th Oct 2007
Subject: Monday Night

        Was in Birmingham last Monday and I visited the Victoria that night. Met up with two other girls there who were visitors also. Had a great night and afterwards went to the Village Inn with one of them, a girl called Suzi.

        I want to compliment you on your support group and nice premises and the warm welcoming attitude of your members. Makes a big change from much of what I have experienced in other places. Support groups and venues such as yours are deserving of the most positive affirmation.

        Keep up the good work and I'll be back in the new year.


Name: Susan Page
Date: 19th Feb 2008
Subject: Thank You

I just wish to sincerely thank you and all the other girls at outskirts for making me feel so welcome last night, indeed I was made to feel as though I wasn't a new girl but someone everyone already knew. On my way home I felt what I'm sure many others have felt before me, "why didn't I do this before?" I can't promise to be at every meet because finances have been particularly tight of late but I do intend doing my very best to attend at least one meet each month. I feel exhilarated, I've been out as Sue. I can't thank you and the girls enough. As you will have known from last night I am not confident enough to walk along the streets as Sue yet but hopefully in time that will come, at least I have made a start.

I have spoken to a friend of mine earlier today and tried to explain my exhilaration that yesterday evening produced and they have said they would like to attend the next meet.

See you on the 3rd March.
Sue x