Julie & Lesley's 2007 Annual Midlands Tranny Get-together

Beverley Hotel

Photo's from the event here


A message from Julie and Lesley



Thanks to everyone for the many messages of support – they are much appreciated! A big thank you to everyone who bought tickets for the party…..without your support it just wouldn’t happen!


A special thank-you to people who travelled from far outside the area to support us – notably Tiffany & Louise – who made it all the way from Scotland!. 


We are also most indebted to everybody who throughout the year at TG meetings, pubs and clubs etc have passed the word on about our ‘do’ here in the Midlands – this has definitely made the process of selling all the tickets easier and less stressful for us - many thanks again to one and all! 


We must also make a special mention Faith who made a substantial donation of her own hard earned cash into the coffers which helped towards the cost of providing the (we think you will agree) excellent live entertainment for the evening.


Similarly to the Birmingham Outskirts group (organisers Larna & Sally) who also made a sizeable monetary donation which was a great help in providing the scummy hot buffet, which I think everyone will concur was well worth the wait!


We also mustn’t forget a big vote of thanks to the brilliant Phil for all his hard work and professional delivery of the music - linking everything together seamlessly - even when they didn’t want to be joined!


Many thanks to Sally for bringing all the equipment over and giving up her day to provide some excellent photographic services for us.


A couple of special hugs to Mica & Nicola who have again this year have given their time at the start of the evening for meeting and greeting and checking tickets on the door. This really helps us out immensely.


We are also very much appreciative of the immense help from Roses (Bella & Martine) for promoting the party in the excellent Repartee magazine with articles and advertisements which have made ‘selling’ the event so much easier plus thanks to you both for the kind donation of 2 special prizes again this year as in previous years….and assisting this year with the selection of the lucky winners.


Hopefully everyone will agree with us that our brilliant singer Hayley provided one of the highlights of the evening….didn’t she look and sound fantastic! A great success especially considering herself and her rather dapper roadie boyfriend had flown back into the country at 6am that day from holiday!


From our experience on the day and from feedback we have had so far we must say we were very pleased with the Beverly Hotel staff indeed. They really did work tirelessly throughout the day and were approachable and courteous at all times, in spite of our attempts to cram as many TGs into hotel as is practicable!  


Also thanks to the afternoon girls…


Sheelagh for doing many make-ups and a rather excellent demonstration during the afternoon .


Carol, who worked non-stop all afternoon doing nails and nail art for everyone.


Terri for bringing her (very sexy) clothing and accessories stall over to Walsall and providing prizes for the evening competitions.


And finally thank you to Roses Forum and TVChix for allowing us to shamelessly plug our party on their websites…


In a week or so we will sending out  a questionnaire which will enable us to get feedback from people on the event, allowing us to build on things which went well and improve things that didn’t, ready for next year’s event.


The party accounts will also be published shortly on the website.


Thanks – take care


Lesley and Julie